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                THE REIKI SPECIALIST

        Healing and Empowering others to their true potential.

Welcome to Helene's Reiki Healing

Victoria Point Qld 4165 

Mob: 0408012855


Opening hours

Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm

Mon, Wed & Thurs Evenings

7 - 9pm

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Helene offers 7 different Reiki Treatments – The Traditional Reiki Treatment,  Chelation,  Mental/Emotional Treatment,  Golden Reiki Treatment, The Soul Re-Alignment Treatment, Multi-Dimensional DNA Balance Treatment and the Rainbow Reiki Treatment/'Light Body' Activation. 

Helene is a multi-dimensional Reiki healer who is authentic, well-grounded and works in a very loving, nurturing environment.  

Reiki works by balancing our Energy (Lifeforce) System and harmonising our vibrational frequency at the molecular level, thereby bringing about healing on all aspects of our being, Mind, Body and Spirit. 

Helene has been teaching traditional Usui Reiki and has been a therapist for over 20 years. She originally learnt Reiki in 1996 to help her son with his asthma. Reiki not only helped him but her whole family as well. She was so impressed with this amazing energy that she then decided to undergo years of learning about and experiencing the healing powers of Reiki to then being attuned to Master level in 2001.  She is multi-dimensional healer and has since helped and healed many men, women and children. Helene is an authentic and genuine healer who also offers so much in-depth knowledge on Reiki and energy and has healed many people,  re-connecting them to their true purpose and life's path.

Reiki is the transmission of pure energy, which works on our physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual aspects simultaneously.

All conditions of illness begin at this deeper level of our being as an imbalance of energy, eventually manifesting on the physical level as a symptom.  Natural healing techniques such as Reiki address the cause (imbalance of energy), thus assisting in the prevention of illness and depression as well as relieving symptoms already present.


To enjoy a Reiki treatment to the maximum, there is no need to focus, visualise or anticipate.  Simply relax and allow the energy to be drawn to where it is needed through the therapist's hands. Reiki is completely safe.

A number of therapies use Lifeforce Energy, however Reiki is unique in its simplicity and gentleness, yet it is extremely powerful and creates protection for self.


Helene is a Mum and Grandmother and is very nurturing, caring and compassionate about her Reiki healing and her clients.


Did you know a one hour treatment is equivalent to three hours sleep?


Anyone can learn Reiki.  


Reiki is a gift of Love.


(For more information on Reiki please go to the 'Treatments' and 'Learn Reiki' pages.)






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