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Rainbow Reiki Treatment

Healing, Balancing and Activating your Light Body

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As we open up our conscious awareness to the 5D energy  frequency we need to bring ourselves into balance and alignment with our 'Light Body'.  This is a very powerful treatment where an activation takes place within your chakra system which allows you to connect more fully to your 'rainbow light body'.  This activation brings your energy system into balance and harmony, creating a stronger connection to self and source.

We are multi-dimensional beings living a lifespan on Mother Earth to learn and to heal aspects of our soul, for our soul growth.  Now is the time to wake up to your true potential of who you really are in this dimension.

This very important treatment will align you with the Aquarian age and with the 5D frequency entering Mother Earth at this time.  You will experience connection with 'All That Is' and experience the wonderful feeling of connection with 'Oneness'.  This in turn will allow more 'light codes' to come through to awaken and guide you. 

Aquarius is the sign of Divine Love where love is experienced unconditionally.

It is time to release your 'old garment' and step through to your 'Rainbow Light Body', re-connecting your soul more consciously with your higher self and multidimensional self, and align with the Age of Aquarius! 

Please allow one hour for the treatment. 

Price $90

To make a booking please phone 0408012855

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Helene’s Rainbow Reiki Treatment is beyond words! Reiki works by enabling us to access the Great Light/Light Body/Soul Essence that lies within the core  of all of us. This treatment is specifically aimed at breaking through all the barriers between our conscious physical self and our super-conscious Higher Self, thus enabling our Inner Light to shine more brightly. I experienced one of these treatments a couple of weeks ago, and am still ‘flying’ from it. Amazing! – Judy R.


Helene’s Rainbow Treatment has enabled me to step through to my Rainbow Light Body.  Along with the Reiki, her words of guidance facilitates this activation, allowing the intelligence of Reiki to take you exactly where you need to be within this treatment.  Whilst laying on the table I experienced the expansion of this Light Body, as each chakra felt like a bridge from my physical form to my Light Body chakras.  This very tangible feeling of expansion, of my higher self and Oneness IS beyond words.  I could not think of a better way to start off this Aquarian age than to have one of these treatments and by doing so, you honour yourself and Mother Earth. This powerful activation is continuing to unfold for me as the days/weeks go by, I absolutely love it!  -  Lisa P.

“Having a second Rainbow Reiki treatment is like taking another step into your activated Rainbow Light body/expanded self.  I think of this as a stepping stone on the path of your inner journey, where the heart and mind meet, hand in hand, in healing and in Oneness”  Lisa P.

The Rainbow Reiki Treatment is the most amazing reiki treatment I have had. Having experienced personal trauma in the past, both my physical and light bodies have developed energy blockages. Previous Reiki treatments have assisted in opening and connecting me more with my soul consciousness, on the path to remembering who 'I truly am.'  Helene's Rainbow treatment takes this to another level, an extremely powerful experience through activating my energy body and especially those chakras that need 'extra work' and energy healing. I truly loved it and feel excited for what is revealed from this treatment - I'm already booked in for my next session. - Liz A

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