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Helene's Teachings

 Acceptance of Self


Accepting who you are, where you fit in and judgement from others; we go through stages asking ourselves these questions and sometimes feeling the pain. How we feel about ourselves is a very big lesson for our soul growth. Living on Planet Earth certainly tests our connection to self and source. We create our own experiences and project out our inner fears. The feeling of not fitting in mirrors the feeling of not being fully connected with self. This means you have not experienced the true feeling and understanding of who you really are. We always seem to look outside for approval when really all you need to do is; for you to approve of self.


Everyone is on their own journey of self discovery. At different stages in your life there are times where you lack self – esteem, empowerment and worth. Please don’t think you are the only one. Every person feels this from time to time. These feelings are tools for you to learn to love yourself again, to open up and to reconnect to parts of you that have been hurt or damaged from past experiences and past lives. Healing means to become whole, to be one with self and source. You are your hardest critic who judges yourself more than anyone else. Some of you have forgotten the freedom to explore, to be ok with making mistakes (which is how you learn) and to step outside your ‘box’. As humans we compartmentalise our thoughts and feelings into nice little boxes with the lids sealed and afraid to look in. Your mind has many ‘storage’ rooms – Leave the doors open!When you stop judging yourself and accept you are; a being of love and light, you will realise there is nothing to ‘fit in’ to. There are no boxes, just light. We all have different experiences, abilities, different ways of living and learning, but we are all connected in love.


Once you fully concentrate on self, your behaviours, your reaction and most of all self love; the negative thoughts you have about yourself will dissipate and your world will become a place of magic, harmony and love. When you reach this point you will realise that you don’t need acceptance from anyone else and you will in turn spread your love to others and bring light to those who need it. The more someone is opinionated, judgemental and angry is in reality a mirror of what they truly think about themselves, which is very sad indeed.Love who you are! It is ok to be you! We are all unique. Embrace our differences and learn from them. Accept who you are. Accept that you are exactly where you are supposed to be in your journey. Everything happens in its own perfect timing. Step outside your box, take a chance! Do it for the good of self and the good of all. Wouldn’t it be a shame if you packed part of yourself in a nice neat little box never to see the light of day? Be proud of who you are and what you have already achieved and learned. Trust in yourself, trust in your intuition, trust in the process of your journey. Give yourself a hug and be grateful for all you have.

Go forth with Love! Helene   




My Dear God, My Teachers, My Guides,

Allow me to see what I cannot See,

Allow me to feel what I need to Feel,

Allow me to Love All parts of Me,

Allow me to have the Courage to move Forward,

Allow me the Strength to stand in my Truth,

Allow me the Belief in Myself and Others,

Allow me the Trust in the process of My Journey,

Allow me the Faith to keep on Going,

Allow me to Understand my Connection in Oneness,

Allow the Love to flow through One and All!

All My Love, Helene 

                                    Helene’s helpful steps for a smoother path for your Journey.


Ask your Guides/Teachers for guidance, help, & healing.There are no coincidences or accidents.

Everything happens for a reason.


Awareness – the more aware you are, more messages and guidance will come to you. It may come in the form of a book, a song, or a message from another person.

Listen to your gut feeling. It is the compass that sets your path. It is the connection to your higher self and your guides.

When you get alot of blockages in your journey, it is a sign to not go that way. If in doubt don’t do it. Stop, breathe, and think. If it was meant to be, the situation will flow very easily.

Remember it’s all in the timing. We may think it’s the right time, but from where we are, we cannot see the bigger picture or what lays ahead. Be patient and trust in the process.

Keep things simple.It is OK to say NO. It is very important that we have balance in our lives.

Respect yourself and your time.When you love yourself, others will too. It all starts from within.

Things that go wrong and do not make you happy are in reality learning experiences, learning more about self.

Look for three reasons to give you the bigger picture of what’s really going on. Is there something you need to change within?Be mindful of your own reaction to a negative situation. Detach rather than react. Don’t get sucked into the ‘story’. Breathe deeply, tell the person that you have to think about it and will get back to them.

Remember not many people are old souls. We are all learning.


Forgive and understand where that person is coming from. Maybe they haven’t learnt the skills yet of being patient, humble, compassionate etc. Think of them as simply being a younger soul, it will help your emotions and your reaction immensely.

Nasty words from people is simply a mirror image of what they really think of themselves, not you. To act like this means that they are feeling insecure, fearful and have lack of self worth and self love.

Be grateful for your lessons and growth. Give thanks to God or your guides for their Love, protection and guidance.

Sometimes when you pray you are asking God/Source a question. Please stop, sit still or meditate to receive your answer.Please don’t judge yourself so harshly it will only make your guilt feel stronger.

Guilt is such a waste of energy. Move on, learn from it, and give yourself a hug. It’s ok to make mistakes. We are here to learn and experience all feelings. Once you have learnt from that experience the next time something similar happens you will react with ease and empowerment and bring peace back into your life much faster.

Don’t worry Be happy! Worry is a waste of time and slows us down. It blocks our path and makes us sick.

Try to live in the now, make the most of it and trust. Today well lived give us meaning and purpose as well as wonderful memories of the past, and a future full of hope, happiness and good health.

The more connected you are to self, source and Love the lighter and happier you feel.

Connect to the energy, yourself and your guides. Feel the oneness, take time out, sit under a tree, become one with music and go for walks amongst nature.

Love is everywhere if we are ready and willing to accept it. Open your arms and hearts and feel the love you deserve. I Love YOU!!! 


Let your light shine so brightly that others can see their way out of the dark !  

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