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Golden Reiki Treatment

The Golden Thread of Unconditional Love,

reconnecting through to the 'tapestry of Oneness'.

Helene is very honoured and excited to announce that she has a new treatment to offer; 

The Golden Thread Reiki treatment, reconnecting through to the ‘tapestry’ of Oneness.

This treatment involves the Reiki and Kundalini Energy and is very intense, powerful, yet very peaceful. 

Each person has their own ‘tapestry’ to heal and is also connected to a grid where all souls, our planet and the Universe reside; just like one huge multi-dimensional tapestry, and all of this is connected by this one Gold thread; the Golden Thread of Unconditional Love.  


We all have a Gold Thread of Unconditional Love Energy within each and every one of us and we are all connected via that energy/cord/thread. The more the thread is awakened and healed so too is our consciousness, which helps us to be healed and become whole. The colour gold represents love, light, and power.  It creates the energy of power and light to give us the strength to re-ignite and heal our chakras, to create balance within and allow health, happiness and empowerment. 








Think of your own grid within – As you heal your fears and tap into the power of unconditional love your life will never be the same. Your energy will return, and you will have a new zest for life creating a renewed sense of growth. As each soul grows and awakens it affects us all.  The Universe and all her souls become brighter. This is why it is so important to forgive, heal and to love one and all (Beings)! 


After working with the reiki energy for 20 years, Helene is now able to tap into a higher vibrational frequency and bring forward the Golden Thread of Unconditonal Love through to your crown chakra and bring this amazing energy into your whole energy system,  as well as balancing your chakra system, clearing away blockages. This Golden Reiki Energy will reconnect you to a higher vibrational frequency; which will bring about health, happiness, inner peace and a renewed sense of reconnection.  







As you heal your fears and tap into the power of unconditional love, you, your people and your planet will heal - Serapis. 


The treatment lasts for one hour and costs $80.00)

To book now, please contact me on 0408012855

Opening Hours - Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday nights 7pm to 9pm




Today I was lucky enough to receive the "Golden Thread" Reiki treatment.  Having received Reiki from many different practitioners over many years, I have to say I was stunned at the power and effectiveness of this method. Helene combines her hypnosis techniques with her expertise and knowledge of reiki and the results were amazing.  Straight away, I felt deeply relaxed and had several revelations regarding the healing of long held family patterns and illnesses.  After the treatment, I was literally "buzzing".


I really feel that this style of healing is incredibly powerful, as, in my case, it is healing genetic patterns that are held and cause repeating illness down thru generations. Perhaps it is healing the very pattern of our DNA. In my case, family patterns of breast and ovarian cancer have been part of the female line. After having an abnormal pap smear and an ovarian cyst, several months of healing with Helene have given me an "all clear" with no cyst visible in my last ultrasound. Incredible!



May I just say that I have been so blessed and fortunate to receive Golden Reiki from Helene...and trust me when I say, it truly is magical and powerful. Don't miss this opportunity to try this for won't be disappointed.



First thing that comes to mind and is a tangible feeling, is this weight has lifted from my heart.  I had no idea how much was weighing me down until its lifted, such a relief, I feel like my true self is shining through in a more pure form.  A very connecting, expanding feeling that brings you into alignment with your true essence, allowing you to experience ‘self’ from a much broader perspective.  The light and the love show you the way to your multidimensional nature, a truly beautiful experience.’


I really appreciate how generous you are with your time from the beginning to the end of the appointments.  For me personally it was not just the Reiki, but also having you, a fellow ET experiencer, facilitate the healing energy, especially when I could also sense and feel Them , oh and of course Hugo! Love it!!

Will be in touch for another appointment soon.



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