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Reiki works by balancing our Energy (Lifeforce) System and harmonising our vibrational frequency at the molecular level, thereby bringing about healing on all aspects of our being.
This Energy System underlies all the other Systems of our body, eg. Circulatory, Respiratory, Skeletal and Nervous Systems.  All conditions of illness begin at this deeper level of our being as an imbalance of energy, eventually manifesting on the physical level as a symptom.  Natural healing techniques such as Reiki address the cause (imbalance of energy), thus assisting in the prevention of illness as well as relieving symptoms already present.
Reiki is the transmission of pure energy, which works on our physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual aspects simultaneously.
Helene offers 7 different Reiki Treatments – The Traditional Reiki treatment, The Chelation, Mental/Emotional Treatment, The Golden Reiki treatment, The Soul Re-Alignment, Multi-Dimensional DNA  Balance Treatment and The Rainbow Reiki Treatment.
To enjoy a Reiki treatment to the maximum, there is no need to focus, visualise or anticipate.  Simply relax and allow the energy to be drawn to where it is needed through the therapist's hands.  A one hour treatment is equivalent to three hours sleep.
How Can Reiki Help Me?
  • Reduces stress (and anxiety) levels dramatically
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Alleviates tiredness and pain
  • Promotes recovery from surgery
  • Day-to-day health problems, such as flu, headaches etc
  • Heals the grieving process
  • Assists people to maintain a state of sound health, balance and wholeness, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually
  • A unique and powerful tool for personal growth and improving the quality of life
        ( Please allow one and a half to two hours. Pricing includes consultation. )                                       

The Traditional Reiki Treatment – This treatment is good for people who have bad backs and for those who need to release burdens from their shoulders.  It also helps to balance our emotions and bring a state of ease back into our body, mind and spirit. The Reiki energy also helps to release the past with love and brings in a renewed sense of support and love.

(This treatment lasts for one hour and costs $80.00)

The Chelation treatment – Is wonderful for clearing blockages within your whole energy system as well as balancing the energy throughout. This treatment is very powerful and will clear away any negative energies.    

(This treatment lasts for one hour and costs $80.00)

Mental/Emotional treatment - is a great treatment for treating people with stress, anxiety or suffering any type of emotional trauma, as well as people who have sleeping problems. This treatment will bring clarity, focus and peace of mind.

(This treatment lasts for one hour and costs $80.00)

Golden Reiki Treatment - For more information please go to Golden Reiki Treatment Page.

Soul Re-Alignment Treatment - For more information please go to Soul Re-Alignment Page.

Multi-Dimensional DNA Balance treatment -  For more information please go to Multi-Dimensional DNA Balance Page.


Rainbow Reiki Treatment, activating your Light Body -  For more information please to to Rainbow Reiki Treatment page. 




Each treatment lasts for one hour and range from $80/hour to $90/hour

Please allow one and half to two hours. Pricing also includes consultation.

To make a booking please phone 0408012855 

It is preferable for the client to commit to at least three successive sessions within a 10 to 14 day period. Whether a person is sick or simply seeking stress relief, this is important.  The client may feel much better after the first treatment, but detoxification may then begin. If three successive treatments are received, then the 'healing crisis' will not usually be a lengthy process, the 'healing curve' will be smoother and the recovery time much faster.

After the initial three treatments, the client will probably require ongoing treatments until the condition resolves.  The frequency of these visits will vary from person to person.




Helene truly is the most understanding, thorough and compassionate therapist I've ever been to.  The energy that comes out of her hands is pure bliss! One has to be careful in choosing a therapist, as there are a number of false claims around, especially in the field of complementary medicine, but Helene is the 'real deal.' The energy coming out of her hands says it all. Connie.

Meeting Helene and having Reiki treatments and also learning Reiki Level One has been a life changing experience for me. Apart from her expertise in Reiki, Helene is one of the nicest, loving and most compassionate people I have ever been fortunate enough to meet. Helene puts you at ease straight away. I was able to trust her with things that I had barely told anyone. Helene has inspired me to go on a beautiful new life journey.  Chris.

Judy - I visit Helene regularly for Reiki treatments - couldn't get through life on this planet without my regular boost! Helene's healing hands and beautiful energy are so incredibly nurturing, and she is wonderfully grounded as well. We've shared many laughs over the years. If you want the best Reiki treatment in the whole universe, come and see Helene!


Helene, you and Reiki have really changed my life. I am getting so much better, and after what I've been going through on a daily basis, that's one big change. I actually feel like enjoying life again. Your are a beautiful Soul. Thank God I met you!  Alex


Rita - Helene truly has a gift! The heat that comes out of her hands is amazing. She has helped me in so many ways and her Reiki is wonderful for treating anxiety too.

I feel very blessed to have connected with Helene, and to have experienced her amazing healing hands. During her treatments you will experience peace like you never have before. 


ABOUT REIKI and its founder Dr Mikao Usui


Reiki is a Japanese word which translates into English as Universal Energy or Life-force. It is an ancient and very simple form of energy healing, the basis of which was re-discovered in the late 1800s by Dr Mikao Usui.

Dr Usui drew from his own spiritual experiences and training to evolve a teaching that he believed would benefit everyone, whether they were religious or not.

Since then, Reiki has benefited thousands of people throughout the world and was brought to Australia in the 1980s.


Reiki balances our energy (life-force) and harmonizes our vibrational frequency, thereby bringing about healing on all aspects of our being.


To make an appointment please call Mob 0408012855.

Opening Hours - Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday nights 7pm to 9pm.


For more information on Helene's seminars,  please go to the  'Learn Reiki' page.


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