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     As we evolve from 4th to 5th world consciousness and into a new,       transformation Age on  Planet Earth, higher dimensional energies are   becoming available to activate deeper self- realisation and expanded   conscious awareness.

     Our Multi-dimensional DNA treatment is designed to assist the process by awakening deep cellular knowing within your DNA.  This has the effect of clearing old grid-lines and time-lines that no longer serve, and activating new ones more suited to the higher cosmic and planetary energies that are now coming into play.  This activation will facilitate the release of unwanted patterns from your evolutionary process, and will help to bring you into alignment and connection with your higher True Self.

     As science states, we currently use only 10% of our potential DNA, but DNA is multi-dimensional.  The remaining 90% spans many dimensions and time-lines, and retains energies, both positive and negative, from our past lives.  It carries the memories of your eternal Soul Consciousness.


     This multi-dimensional DNA balance treatment heals the karmic imprint of the soul's many earthly experiences across time.  It also heals the impact on the DNA carried through from the experiences of previous family generations which are passed down through the DNA.  In this way, negative karmic and genetic bonds that not longer serve are released.


     It also has the effect of enriching the consciousness of the soul by balancing your male (yang) and female (yin) aspects/energies, and releases and clears memories carried in the DNA of the energy/chakra system.  Your soul, DNA and chakras are multi-dimensional.  This treatment brings in higher energy frequencies to clear blocked negative and karmic energies, thus creating a positive pathway for deeper and more expanded consciousness of your soul, mind and DNA to be expressed. 


     The treatment also cleanses and heals the karmic imprints of mind and spirit across Time and Space, freeing your heart and mind from the constraints of past experiences, allowing renewal, re-connection and growth to take place. You will be re-awakened to your true multi-dimensional Self, as your conscious awareness expands and your soul connection becomes clearer and stronger.  This is what human evolution is all about!


This treatment lasts for 90 mins and the cost is $90.00

To book now please phone 0408012855 



The Multidimensional  DNA Balance treatment is clearly in alignment with our ascension process.  There are layers of karmic imprints to heal and I have now had the good fortune to receive this treatment twice.   The first was a very powerful clearing, shifting, releasing, freeing me up to allow more of my authentic self to engage here more fully, while having awareness of my Multidimensional selves.  After this first treatment I literally felt like a different person. 

A few months have passed and I felt ready for another as my new perspectives had me now reaching for more understanding and knowing of myself.

The second treatment immediately felt different and I knew this was working on a higher vibrational level.  Having the groundwork carried out in the first treatment, this second one stepped up and up, activating and intricately clearing and enriching my heart, mind and soul consciousness.  I have not experienced such a myriad of sensations at once, some were  cold/hot or yin/yang energies all working to bring about balance where it’s needed.

With this particular treatment Helene takes you on a Reiki journey  Multidimensionally guiding you through the process.  If you haven’t experienced yourself like this before then this is the next step in your growth as a Being having a human experience.

Helene truly is a Reiki Specialist, authentic to the core.  This Multidimensional DNA Balance treatment is an important treatment that leaves you feeling empowered and aligned and more at peace within yourself.

Lisa M 

This week I received a Multidimensional DNA Balance treatment from Helene.

I have been seeing Helene for several years now, and she has worked hard to refine and develop her Reiki Healing. In recent times, she has developed new healings, all of which I have been lucky to receive.

I saw Helene this week for a treatment, as I have been encountering difficulties with old patterns and modalities of thinking and behaving that were affecting my life. Things had come to a head and I experienced a great “crisis” in my life and really felt at a crossroads.

Upon telling Helene about my issues, she decided I needed a Multidimensional DNA Balance treatment and we began.

The energy that Helene channels through is truly incredible. I felt enormous shifts that healed me on a deeper level than anything I have ever encountered before. The healing really addressed generational issues I had been grappling with and trying to release for some time. The effect was such that, at the end of the treatment I felt completely clear and unbelievably empowered. One would think that after such a huge shift I would have felt exhausted, but I felt like I could run a marathon! Since then, I have continued to feel strong and centered and truly on my path.

I cannot thank Helene enough. I feel humbled and honoured to be able to have access to such a powerful healer. The Multidimensional DNA Balance treatment is unbelievably powerful and transformational. If, like me, you are trying to live your most authentic self and leave behind old patterns and conditioning, you must get this treatment. I cannot recommend this highly enough. 

Sharon. 48 years old.

This treatment really does take you to another level!  During it I was transported to a place of total bliss and deep relaxation, with all sorts of amazing sensations moving through my body, and ‘other’ hands working on me besides Helene’s.  She was sitting behind me at my head, but I could clearly feel ‘somebody’ working on the lower part of my right leg. 

Since having the DNA treatment done some months ago, I’ve noticed a much deeper level of calmness and self-empowerment which has stayed with me ever since.

There are not too many of us who do not carry some sort of ‘baggage’ on deeper levels of our psyche through our DNA, whether from past lives or through our present-life genetic lineage. This treatment specifically targets this unwanted ‘baggage’ and clears it, gently but effectively from our energy field, to enable us to be where we need to be in the present life. 

Judy Carroll.


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