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The Soul Re-Alignment Treatment is very multi-layered and most important for the healing of one's soul journey.

Throughout our many lives residing as a Human on Planet Earth, there can be many negative experiences which can fragment parts of the soul. This can bring about depression, fear and ill health in your current life. Some people also feel disconnected within.

Through my own journey of self-discovery and healing, and with the help of Reiki, I have come to the understanding that I have not only needed to acknowledge and heal my past experiences but I also need to release old programmes and patterns that not longer serve me.

We are so used to living and thinking in third dimensional reality that we forget how the past creates who we are today, including how we think, how we feel and how happy and healthy we are on a 'soul' level. 

All of us have lived many lives here on Earth, learning to grow and trying to heal our karma. Did you know that if you made a vow in a past life it can carry through to the next life or lives? Or maybe you are feeling fragmented and disconnected through negative experiences from the past.

This Soul Re-Alignment and Reiki Healing treatment will help you to release old patterns on a deep energy level and integrate higher frequencies into your body, mind and spirit, to create healing and new positive pathways. This will affect all parts of your 'being' including your DNA and chakra system.

This treatment will also release any non-beneficial energies for your highest good.

Energetically, so much takes place right down to a cellular level, quantum level an DNA level.

This amazing treatment is cleansing, healing and creates a re-connection of the soul which will harmonise and balance your whole energy system creating a stronger connection to self and source.

This treatment lasts for a minimum of 80 minutes 

and the cost is $90.00

To book now - please ring Helene on 0408012855 




Helene’s Soul  re-alignment, reconnection Reiki treatment is just that.  With guidance and direction this treatment is a powerful way to return you to a version of self that will best serve you on your path to wholeness.

‘Your spoken words of intention at the beginning of this process felt really important as it not only states what this healing is about but sets the ‘tone’ for the healing.  The Reiki works beautifully within this treatment, it supports, activates and elevates the physical, emotional and mental bodies as your higher self and your ‘group’ work closely together with you Helene as the conduit/facilitator and your ‘group’.   Energetically, much is taking place right down to a quantum level, this felt amazing and beautiful, ecstatic at times, breathtaking.    The aim of this is to bring the fragments of self into alignment as one, integrating it into a now perspective.

 Your final softly spoken words really sealed the whole treatment and I felt it was important and comforting at the same time.  The Reiki carried the whole process through with power and support.

For me the timing was /is perfect, as my intent was placed before this experience with me wanting something more.’

Lisa P.

This amazing treatment took me way deeper than I’ve ever experienced during any treatment. I could feel myself lifting up out of the body, and feeling so relaxed. I know Helene is definitely working with higher Beings, because I could clearly perceive other hands working on me at the same time, and had to really concentrate a couple of times to work out where Helene’s hands were located in relationship to these other hands I could feel. I’ve had pain in my left ankle for over 6 months that I was aware was connected with a past life, but even giving myself Reiki every day wasn’t addressing it. After receiving Helene’s Soul Re-Alignment Treatment, memories began coming to the surface on where this pain originated from, which in turn brought healing.

Judy Carroll

I recently received Helene’s new “Soul Re-Alignment" treatment. I have been a long standing client of Helene’s and I find her to be an incredible healer and therapist. Her Reiki treatments have helped me through many health issues and enabled me to navigate some emotional problems that I needed to heal.

Helene’s newest treatment, is, I think, simply incredible. During the treatment, I almost felt like I was in a deep state of hypnosis, such was the level of relaxation. The feeling at the end of the treatment was one of pure bliss. It certainly felt like a turning point for me.

To be treated by Helene is a very special experience. I trust her wisdom, intuition and kindness like I have no other therapist I have worked with. To be in her Reiki Room is to feel encapsulated in love and peace. I cannot recommend her latest treatment highly enough. It really was on such a deep and profound level that words cannot really describe it. I feel it has initiated great change in my life…… Watch this space!!!

Thanks Helelne,


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